Introduction to American "Delta Force" Special Forces Vol.2

Here we organizes some pictures of Delta Special Forces to share with Shekkin gears fans for reference and research on military cos and soldier figures' works. The characters in the Delta Special Forces Atlas are the special forces we often call SFOD-D, CAG, and ACE. (some cif units are also included)

After the previous post, we have been asked about the team composition and staffing of Delta, whether it also has the structure of the red team and the gold team like DEVGRU. Now I will share the structure tree table for everyone to understand:

From the book "Relentless Strike" written by Sean Naylor, the structure of the Delta Force is further elaborated. He described that some of the formations in the Delta are similar to the British 22 special air service. There are nearly 1,000 related personnel, of which about 250 to 300 perform direct action operations and hostage rescue missions. The direct action operations units are formed in the form of saber squadrons, including A, Squadrons B, C, and D (attack), another Squadron E is an aviation squadron, and Squadron G specializes in data collection, early reconnaissance and target surveillance, which some women are employed. There are also combat support squadrons. They are highly specialized support personnel and are leaders in their respective fields (including WMD weapons of mass destruction experts, EOD experts, medical personnel, SIGINT communications intelligence experts and other experts).

In each Sabre squadron, there are three echelon tactical commandos: two specializing in direct action operations, and one reconnaissance and surveillance assault force, or "reconnaissance" force, which monitors enemy positions and snipers during operations. Each squadron is commanded by a lieutenant colonel (O-5), the commando is led by a major (O-4), and each commando has several groups, each of which is headed by a sergeant (E-8) or major (E-9) Led. The rest of the team consists of sergeant (E-5) to sergeant (E-7) and other ranks.


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Red Green

Red Green

This is complete nonsense. Troops are organized with between 15 operators and 21 operators each. Historically there are 4 Troops per Operational Squadron. Originally there were 87 Operators in a Troop. One Small Headquarters Commanded by a LTC and six HQ Personnel. I doubt this has changed much. Each Troop had 20 Operators that cold be configured for operations of singletons/two man teams or five 4 man teams, four 5 man teams, two ten man teams, etc. There was orignally one Commo Sergeant for every 3 other soldiers in operational troops. This has changed with technology. Each Squadron had a MFF Troop, SCUBA Troop, and Mountain Troop in the begining. I suspect the 4th troop was focused on Mobility lie the 22nd SAS in each Squadron. Currently one team member is a comm support soldier attached to each troop. Medical Support are available as needed at Squadron, Troop and Team as needed for operations and training. Each soldier is trained to a high degree in emergency medical lifes saving. Troops contain Snipers, Assaulters, EOD Techs, and can be configured for missions as needed. Feeder MOS’s vary. CMF 11, CMF 18, CMF 13 (13F), and 89D are very important CMF’s to the operations of The Unit. Delta also is a purple suit organization, with Personnel from all branches of the U.S. DOD. They do tend to be Ranger Regiment heavy though and this is not unlike the British 22 SAS being Para Regiemnt heavy. All Delta Operators are MFF Qualified since 1990. Some personnel may also be Combat Diving Qualified and The Unit does maintain a Dive Locker. Delta does have at least 4 opeational troops, along with support squadrons for training, R&D, and Intellignece and Operational Support. Yellow Fruit and Sea Spray Type Programs form the former ISA support Clandestine Avation and other Insertion and extraction assets. SPECAT Assets may also be on board for certain mission sets. At least 25 to 33 percent of operators are Sniper Qualified. According to Plank Owner, SGM Mike Vinning, Delta also maintains a Heavy Breaching Cell composed of Engieer Personnel and EOD Experts. I would not be supised if every Delta sub unit had EOD types in direct support as needed. This may have been the recent catalyst for changing SFG’s In Extremist Force Companies change to Hard Target Defeat Companies. (Go Big or Go Home…) I have no knowedge of recent of current Unit and all information here has been obtained from open sources available in popular print books and magazines and on the open internet.