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Me encanta la calidad, es genial

DIG2 6094a
Francisco Serrano de la Torre

Chaleco con calidad muy buena, mejor de lo q esperaba

Shekkin gears LBT style AOR1 C4 pouch
Francisco Serrano de la Torre

Todo perfecto muy buena calidad

Bison Belt


Perfect light

I’ve looked high and low for the perfect retro light to complete my build. And this was it. I’ve owned SureFire’s products since they were Laser Products. I still own 6Ps, G3s, and E1s. This light is perfect for the model it matches.


Good quality material


Good quality, holds side armor well

Just what I needed

, exactly what I needed for my dope flap to carry candy and condoms for your mom after the big bb war ...

Great quality as expected with any shekkin product

I use it as an organizer for my EDC minimap

Very comfortable

Just as comfortable as my hsgi shoulder pads , although these do not have the rubberized bottom to prevent slipping they are nice and loprofile , they dont scratch on the sides of your neck

Wasnt expecting the plastic retention inserts!!

Nice added bonus with plastic semi locking magazine retention inserts

Aor2 pattern is very nice and the overall build quality is top notch

Works great like my 3 other shekkin fcpc

I have 3 fcpc platecarriers now and this one doesnt disappoint at all!!

Aor2 pattern is very nice

Still waiting on those dcu pants !!!!

Great jacket, Still looks brand new after 4+ months of heavy use.

I used this jacket 5-7 days a week for 4 months straight while working at a ski resort in the cold weather while it was pretty much always snowing sometimes even in the negative temperatures. it has held up perfectly and I will be using it again next year, might even buy another one in a different color. This jacket is definitely a must if you want to look cool and stay warm in the cold :)

It's good

Shekkins doing the good stuff just like always. Can't go wrong with them, honestly. I don't already know how many things I've ordered from them, but they always hitting me up with the best.

Sturdy Jacket

I have bought the jacket on black friday and used them during last winter. Very warm and satisfying. Withstanded sub-zero weathers very well.


Material muito bom e réplica mais proxima da Crye que tive até hoje, bem acima dos concorrentes a que tive acesso até então. Elastano da calça é espesso e aparente muita qualidade, fora o tom perfeito do aor1.

amazing quality

thing is 1:1 with the real thing, works great and accepts the real inserts very well

Clone correct

It is correct, and I love it. Their bulb assembly broke immediately, but I replaced with a surefire p60. Runs great.

Best price for best quality

It’s really good quality and fit . I recommend it


Muy bien. Llego muy rapido

Good Stuff.

I think it's a replica that boasts incredible quality.
It's currently used in operations, but it's comparable to the original Crye JPC plate carrier.

Multicam MPCR
Jang MyeongJun
Not bad.

It feels a little expensive compared to other replica products, but it can be said to be worth that much.

Route Package Protection
costantino de stefano
Like a Shinkansen

3,5 giorni lavorativi da Hong Kong a Firenze Italia è pazzesco, alla fine arrivata in 5 giorni totali, super veloce, pacchi super protetti e mai pagato tasse, consigliatissimo

FCPC v5 plate bags
costantino de stefano
Best Fcpc on the market

Assolutamente identico alla controparte originale, finito di settare da poco ne sono completamente soddisfatto sotto tutti i punti di vista, ECCELLENTE.

FCPC Shoulder Pads
costantino de stefano

Perfette e assolutamente identiche alle originali