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Nice quality

Very nice replica would buy again

So far so good

Just got it in the mail, and it feels absolutely brilliant so far. The guys in the east will never fail to surprise me.

Excellent Fit

Ordered M and was a little worried about the fit, but was pleasantly surprised with how tight yet relaxed the fit was. Should have bought these years ago!

M81 for the Drip

Bought this in M81 and am very pleased with the hardware and ease of use.

Looks Identical

Item already came assembled, so made my life easier. Fits my exfog perfectly and looks sick!

Excellent Fit

Ordered M and was a little worried about the fit, but was pleasantly surprised with how tight yet relaxed the fit was. Should have bought these years ago!

Excellent Fit

Ordered M and was a little worried about the fit, but was pleasantly surprised with how tight yet relaxed the fit was. Should have bought these years ago!

Perfect sizing

I'm 179cm Tall and bought the medium one, they are perfect when coupled with the 3AC Cobra Buckle, quality is here

Really nice on a FCPC V5

Nice repro, plenty of space and easy installation, should have buy the water back panel directly. The ranger green is perfect and the all piece look sturdy !

FCPC v5 plate bags
Pablo Castagnet
Amazing Repro and build quality

Decided recently to change my old PC to a FCPC V5 Repro, got shekkin in a lot of recommandations and decided to give it a chance. I bought a full set up with the FCPC V5 Base + Cummerbund + Cobra buckle + Shoulder pad + Admin Pouch with ADAPT panel and a Backpanel double pouchs. All in Ranger GReen.

And oh boy im not disappointed this is the best Plate Carrier I've ever had. The quality is studry and very durable played few games with it and this thing is solid. Was affraid of sizing but no problem i'm 179cm and its perfect with the cimmerbund adjusted. The overhaul result is perfect and can't wait to complete the setup with side armor in the future.

Only 4 stars beceause the delivery to France was kinda slow (like really slow) but for the package and the price this a small issue

Leaving some pics for kit appreciation 🫡

Handy to have around and easily packable

Got it because it was cheap and I like to have something like that in the pack just in case. Does what it should, seems well enough made and packs away to nothing/weighs nothing.

My new go to jacket

The WX is brilliant, cant say enough about the thermal quality of this for the price. does an excellent job of regulating temp and has proven to be decently waterproof in a few heavy downpours I got caught in recently. Solid fit I picked up the XXL and it fits like the XXXL in the Alpha jackets so do bear that in mind when ordering.

Multicam version

Picked up the Multicam first and then got a black one later, both are excellent. The seams are great and the multicam pattern is what you'd expect. Not seen how these perform under NODs but I'd imagine they are not IR compliant, I will be massively impressed if they are.

Matt Burney
So good I bought it twice

I had an original Alpha and loved it but it went missing on a trip some time ago, not wanting to spend out on another one only for it to go walkies like the last one I thought I'd try these out.
The fit is great (I'm a XXL) with enough room for a base and mid as well as a gilet underneath, its a bit snug but you dont want your kit flapping about do you? Thus far the seams have all held up to some heavy rain and the vents are really good. Cant fault it. Bought this Black one and will leave another review for the Multicam.

Really good copies

I have the same in genuine but wanted a backup pair that I could not give a damn about, these more than lived up to expectations. They fit both Crye and aftermarket knee pads really well with no issues, yes I know its cool to not wear the pads if you're a young guy but I'm 48 and kneeling on rocks is not fun...

Great Shirt does what its supposed to

Good moisture wicking, wears really well, as others have said it could be a bit longer if you wanted to wear it with jeans or whatever but overall a good solid choice, picked up 2 during the sale period and well worth the money.


Super good! Very nice colours

Just as good

It is very hard to find the real ones and these ones are just as nice as the real ones. Would get in other unique camos.

Nice Zip On

Very nice zip on panel. Perfect fit on a real Crye AVS and good workmanship. Only flaw is the zippers aren't the same shade; very hard to tell unless in excellent lighting.

Great Zip

Pretty nice quality zip on. Good materials/workmanship. Only flaw is the zippers aren't an exact match, but its hard to tell unless you're in excellent lighting.

Surefire 660

Well made very solid and bright

Amazing, my new favorite carrier.

The quality of the T5 carrier is excellent. Compared their AMCU T5 with a set of issued AMCUs and it looks identical. Super comfortable, even with real ESAPIs and backers. I put a pair of PIG Pontoons on the inside for padding and I love it more than my Crye AVS. Plus the back zips are compatible with Crye backpanels, which means I can still run them. I will definitely be getting some AMCU pouches for it from Shekkin as well to get my 2CDO impression going. Its also now my go to personal kit because even with my back injury its comfortable for me to wear longer than most legit carriers. Love the T5, will 100% buy another.

Very good deal

I love that vest. Camo looks kosher, it's comfy and fits esapi plates!

(still waiting for my ADA shingle pouches)

Favorite pants now

After 3 or 4 games with this pants, I think they are my favorite ones, color and quality are amazing and the spandex is thick, and it appears will last forever.

This is the longer version

Noted that is the newest replica which arm is longer and you can move further your NVG, almost no loose out of the box and can be fixed by adjusting the screws just like in the original one. (I need to shim the mount inside the helmet or find other shorter screws.)