AMCU T5 Plate Carrier Set

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Philip Lo

The plate carrier looks like the real thing, its a must have item for larpers and airsoft players who wanna dress like modern Australian operators.

Tom Philp

Been looking for any kind of AMCU plate carrier for years. This is the first one I've found that actually looks like AMCU rather than some cheap Chinese knock off. For reference I have genuine AMCU pouches on the carrier and it's indistinguishable. As for build quality it's high quality. Absolute must have for Australian impression kits

Amazing! Finally can update my 2cdo LO

Quality is amazing, now i can update my 2cdo loadout thanks to shekking.
Color are pretty accurate.

100% recommended.

Toby Turpin
I love this carrier it is amazing

When I bought this I wasn't expecting it to be so Good but it lived up to what I was told. But I'd also love to see them sell the amcu cummerbund by itself so I can buy a spare for it

Amazing, my new favorite carrier.

The quality of the T5 carrier is excellent. Compared their AMCU T5 with a set of issued AMCUs and it looks identical. Super comfortable, even with real ESAPIs and backers. I put a pair of PIG Pontoons on the inside for padding and I love it more than my Crye AVS. Plus the back zips are compatible with Crye backpanels, which means I can still run them. I will definitely be getting some AMCU pouches for it from Shekkin as well to get my 2CDO impression going. Its also now my go to personal kit because even with my back injury its comfortable for me to wear longer than most other legit, more expensive carriers. Love the T5, will 100% buy another.