Pre MSA Paraclete style CVC

Color: Smoke Green
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Customer Reviews

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Paul Laubacher
Fantastic CVC

I didn't wear anything as comfy than the Shekkin Gears Paraclete CVC. It is a fantastic product, it feels very reliable. Very happy with it. As always, very fast delivery (to France) and perfect customer service by Shekkin.

Felix C-L
Best repo gear out there

Sometimes hard to tell the difference between the real thing and the repo

Yeon-Kyu J.
Very good!

IMHO color is very nice. I buyed tan CVC. Medium training plate fits perfect. Cummerbunds are little bit baggy for me. Great replica!

Mogan J.
Great Quality, Faithful to Source

The CVC is excellent quality and color wise, Shekkin does a great job.

Trenten B.
Very well made replica!

Shekkin as a whole makes some top quality, faithful replicas of some hard to get nylon. The mesh CVC is no different. The build quality is fantastic for a replica. I wish I had a real one to compare it too but based on their other products, I’d be willing to bet it’s nearly as well made as the real thing. My only qualm however is the Velcro. It doesn’t feel like normal loop Velcro but it gets the job done regardless.

The fit is good. I do wish they would come in different sizes. Medium is the only currently available size but that’s good enough for the vast majority of people. I especially like that they include foam soft armor inserts so you’re not stuck with just a floppy empty vest.

All in all it’s a solid vest. For airsoft use it’s certainly built well enough. It’s very comfortable and fits well. Definitely would recommend!