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Very nice mount

Nice mount. Not tested at the moment but looks solid. Very good customer service from SG.

Decent, but incorrect fit

It’s a good plate bag set, good quality and well stitched. But it doesn’t fit an AVS harness really. It fits one slot, but not the other.

Good Quality Bands

Good Stuff.

Good Quality Badge

Nice Badge, I love it.

Top Quality Retro Stuff

Hard to find the original MGW Mount.
But with this Clone. My Build is Complete.

Thx to Shekkin

Great service

International shipping isn’t always reliable dur with this service, you don’t have to worry at All.

Great Mag Pouch

Great mag flap, highly recommend

High quality !

I'm sharing in an image part (of the front) of the current configuration that I am currently using following having received this AOR1 6094K Plate Carrier 2011 Version with few pouches (for to make an inspiration/reproduction DEVGRU 2011 style) after having already purchased the AOR1 Pant and Shirt Gen2. You can appreciate the overall quality and see the beautifully well reproduced color tone of the AOR1.
Many thanks Shekkin Gears !

Replica KAC sliding buttstock QD sling mount

Excellent quality and extreme fast shipping. The quality control on these are great. Worked perfect on my lmt sopmod stock. Highly recommend them

Better than before

More curve more better & slight dimensional change also fills out CP JPC Swimmer plate bag better than Shekkin's first version. Shekkin's new SS insert adds rigidity and heft to the new version training plates.

Excellent Rig in need of a pattern adjustment

I don’t like doing a somewhat negative review for this, but I think feedback is important.

-Excellent materials. MJK khaki color is awesome, and I would love to know where it was sourced from. Nylon material is true to description and of perfectly good quality. Buckles (black on my example) are perfectly usable and of good quality as well.
-Quality construction. The rig is clearly made very well, stitching looks good and is sufficiently reinforced for use.
-Adjustability. The rig fits very nicely when worn.

-The pattern is very much in need of improvement. This single point basically breaks the rig, as the mag pockets are not sized appropriately for use. While it is perhaps possible to get x4 aluminum STANAG mags in the rig, they certainly do not fit; in reality, only x3 AR mags will fit. The main pocket for the mags is simply not sized right, and even x3 clearly puts pressure on the rig in an uncomfortable way. This sizing problem for mags was an issue for other reproductions of this rig offered elsewhere in years past, so I would not be surprised if the wrong master pattern is still in circulation and causing this error.

In my case I am definitely unable to use the rig as intended. I may see about altering it, but that is certainly not a trivial fix on an already finished product.

(If future runs of this get that one bad point fixed, I would strongly endorse this rig.)


Sehr guter PC !
Preisleistung top

Sehr Gut!

Habe diese Lampe von einem Kollegem geschenkt bekommen!
Schöne Lampe, die dem Original sehr ähnlich sieht!
Kann ich nur empfehlen!
Preisleistung ist TOP.
immer wieder gerne.

Like real Ferro

Like on title genuie multicam material. Top Quality.

Top Quality

Like on title must have :D

Top Quality

Recommended buy. Quality like original :)

Great belt! Quality is perfect, sewing is precise.


so cool, it's perfect and it looks incredible

Sweet deal

Does what its supposed to. Materials are good and construction is good.


Nice little pouch and does what it is supposed to. My Nalgene was comfortably stowed in this pouch.


1:1 clone. The color variety is awesome as well. You will not be disappointed in this replica.


Man, another hit by shekkin. Great materials, construction, and quality. Feels and looks like the real deal.

Great little bag

Excellent construction and details. I enjoy this little guy. The camo/color variety is awesome as well.


Great replica. A few discrepancies from the real deal, but for the price cannot be beat.


Good materials, construction, and durability. Color is perfect as well. I am happy with mine.