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Swapped out padded crye shoulder pads for these on my SPC. Much better IMO and as it’s near impossible to get real ones these are fantastic value.

COLD WX HOODY windstoper Jacket
Chaussebourg Geoffrey

Very nice jacket


Running on my actual Crye SPC as couldn't justify cost and didn't want a 2.0... Really pleased with the quality, looks and feels great.

FCPC Shoulder Pads
Roland Stolz
Very comfy

A great addition the the FCPC, makes it really comfy to wear a long time

FCPC v5 plate bags
Roland Stolz
Best clones

Great PC great value!

i could ship my child with this portection!

very good very safe great delivery thanks shekkin

i can trust shekkin

this is great i love it the shirt looks wondeful too!

free sticker

i got a free sticker and the shirt is good i love the sticker

good multicam shirt



great shirt i will buy again


keeps your package safe from thieves

FCPC v5 plate bags
Nicurious G
Fcpc v5 RG

Quality product! Highly recommend

Great clone for retro builds

I decided to build a Black Hawk Down style A2 “Delta” carbine. This worked perfectly for the needed flashlight. And the shipping was so fast from China!

Great Choice!

It is high quality and easy to install. It fits perfectly with my JPC 2.0 from Shekkin Gears. Love it!

JPC 2.0 Plate Carrier
Bono Camilleri
Best Carrier Ever!

Fits perfectly and a really good build quality. Perfect for someone like myself who lives in Australia, definitely worth buying!


For real steel (I don’t know if this applies to airsoft mags) my mags would fit wayyyyy too snug and would have issues getting in and out which led to some stitch tearing, other than that the coloring is on point with my real JPC 2.0, the Velcro is very good and it’s unfathomably similar to the real thing.

Great value for the money

Great Sling, nice padding 👍🏽

Awesome Quality

Would definitely recommend buying.

Nice to have !

Cheap and good

Great comfort and easy installation

Would buy again 👍🏽

Great product!

Love it so far! Used it already twice nd really happy about the quality.

MBS GSGM adaptor

very sturdy quality and very very tightly holds the GSGM.

Good copy for my VBSS set kit !

If you want hi end copy you are in the good place :)

Blue can like real one

If you want hi end copy you are in the good place :)

Vouch Vouch !

If you want hi end copy you are in the good place :)