Delta force SF Tactic Chest Rig

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Solid replica!

Works great for airsoft, stitching is professional and colors are on point!

Beautiful reproduction

Nice chest with good finish. You should compare the color with the real but pretty

Karel Zoun
SF chestrig version II after year of using

AWS chestrig version 2

I bought the Chestrig about half a year ago and after using it often I have to say that it is a very high quality replica.
The quality of workmanship can not be faulted, everything is solid and holds as it should. The composition of the holsters themselves is timeless for such an old model and even though it is supposed to fit 6 rifle magazines, 6 pistol magazines, 2 radios and material in two universal pouches, the whole chestirg looks lowprofile.

A minor flaw is that it still fails to achieve a 100% authentic "old school" camouflage pattern, but this is also a flaw with competitors who sew replica gear from this range. However, the problem can be solved quite successfully with a minor modification with krylon and fabric paints (see my photo).

I generally recommend buying this piece of gear. Especially if you want to use it actively.

Van Q.
Could be much better for the cost !

This was purchased for a Traveling Museum Display as I didn’t want to take my original equipment for the tour.
The magazine pouch flaps are several inches too short, it seems that these were fitted for Airsoft Rifle magazines which are much shorter that actual M4 rifle magazines as seen in the photos I’ve attached, and the elastic for the magazine pouches was cut too long, so when sewn in, it’s so loose it doesn’t help retain the magazines.
The black grommets that are on the chest rig, 6 in total, were set so hard in the grommet die, they were deformed to the point that they all have sharp edges protruding from them !
To me that is unacceptable for the $250.00 cost. And lastly, the material used is not Cordura, and is so far by off from the color pallet, it can only be cured with spray paint .

Quite Accurate Replica of Hard-to-Find Rig

The SF rig here is a very good replica of the AWS rig. Stitching seems solid and straight, no weird spots or loose threading. Rig seems very accurate to the source, save for the M81/woodland pattern (the actual AWS rigs had more green / lighter camo it seems. Kind of a weird version of woodland). Correct number of pouches, buckles etc.

Very comfortable to wear, very adjustable for a variety of body sizes, huge carrying capacity (six rifle mags, six pistol mags, two radio-sized pouches [with grommets for antenna if they fit] and two general purpose pouches.) Elastic on the mag pouches keep your mags from sliding out but not too tight / hard to insert them.

Overall, extremely pleased with it. For the longest time, this chest rig was super hard to track down and incredibly expensive with no real replicas being made. Super happy that Shekkin makes them, as I could finally acquire one without sacrificing quality or quite literally over a thousand USD. The only visual difference I can find is that tint of camo pattern - which is a very easy compromise to make to have a unique, comfortable, and cool replica of this chest rig.

9.5/10, would recommend.