Delta Force Strike Chest Rig Gen2

STYLE: White thread
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Leonardo Vetta
AWS chest rig Shekkin black

bought a very good repro of the most famous chest rig:
high quality fine cordura for my BlackHawk Down impression

ordered the standard black one

the quality its outstanding for a riproduction
i am a very satisfied customer

Caleb Haggard
Well Made

The Strike Chest Rig is well made by Shekkin. My only gripes are (and I’m not sure if the real strike rig had the same issues):
1: the inner magazine pouches aren’t very well secure, maybe an elastic band secured to the lip of the pouch would help
2: the single stack .45 pouches’ straps are not centered to the pouch
3: one of the drain grommets for the MBTIR pouch went missing.
4: shoulder straps can become undone pretty easily. I’ve duct taped mine in place.

Overall though, every time I’ve gone airsofting, it’s been my primary rig to run. Very versatile and holds up to the Washington woods pretty well. My Mogadishu kit wouldn’t be complete without it.

Cool rig

Cool rig and does a very good job when it comes to having something close to the original. The strap that goes around the neck is terrible, though. I strongly recommend you removing it. I think it should deserve more attention. The rig as it comes is not suitable to be used only with the straps, making it proper to being attached to body armor or plate carrier.

Mark Stirrat
Aws chest rig

Amazing quality, would recommend this to anyone

Ian Ormerod
Strike OD chest rig & TG Faust armour

The perfect setup for a 1stSFOD inspired kit. I used it recently for a twenty four hour event and they were brilliant. I modified the straps to clip into the vest and also modified the velcro retention straps on the front two pouches.

Quality stitching and good material. It stood up to the abuse and I'm very impressed.

Brilliant job Shekkin, I'm glad I ordered them.