DBT style Low vis chest rig Khaki

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Excellent Rig in need of a pattern adjustment

I don’t like doing a somewhat negative review for this, but I think feedback is important.

-Excellent materials. MJK khaki color is awesome, and I would love to know where it was sourced from. Nylon material is true to description and of perfectly good quality. Buckles (black on my example) are perfectly usable and of good quality as well.
-Quality construction. The rig is clearly made very well, stitching looks good and is sufficiently reinforced for use.
-Adjustability. The rig fits very nicely when worn.

-The pattern is very much in need of improvement. This single point basically breaks the rig, as the mag pockets are not sized appropriately for use. While it is perhaps possible to get x4 aluminum STANAG mags in the rig, they certainly do not fit; in reality, only x3 AR mags will fit. The main pocket for the mags is simply not sized right, and even x3 clearly puts pressure on the rig in an uncomfortable way. This sizing problem for mags was an issue for other reproductions of this rig offered elsewhere in years past, so I would not be surprised if the wrong master pattern is still in circulation and causing this error.

In my case I am definitely unable to use the rig as intended. I may see about altering it, but that is certainly not a trivial fix on an already finished product.

(If future runs of this get that one bad point fixed, I would strongly endorse this rig.)