Pre MSA Paraclete style HPC

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Karel Z.
Very high quality replica vest

I am happy with this vest, which quality processing has overcome my expectation. I compared it with the original vest, and I must say, it's an excellent replica. The producer uses correct materials, and the color is also precise also, I must appreciate the YKK zipper. Also, of course, the sapi plates fit perfectly. I bought her with a paraclete style MBITR pouch, 2x pouch for a hand grenade, a small utility pouch, and an insert for Three magazines, and all this stuff is also perfect! Thank you.

Finally - a good HPC Replica!

The Paraclete Hard Plate Carrier (HPC) was the next logical design progression from the earlier HPV - the HPC was a revolutionary breakthrough in plate carrier design that continues to influence gear manufacturers to this day.

It was famously used by Delta Force beginning 2004 until it was overtaken by the Crye JPC just before the 2010's. While original Pre-MSA examples still pop up on the collector's market now and again, they are exceedingly difficult to find, especially for fair prices.

ShekkinGears has delivered another excellent Paraclete vest reproduction that goes beyond the standards of other replica companies. Their HPC replica, like their HPV, is capable of comfortably fitting a set of medium-size ESAPI Ballistic Plates with seemingly just enough room for plate backers.

The stitching and design pattern are overall dead-on to originals and the material color is closer to original Pre-MSA "Smoke Green" than any other attempt. The MOLLE cummerbund has up to 3 adjustment points in the back using the MOLLE and the shoulder straps are lightly padded for comfort.

My only points of criticism regarding this replica is that the spacing of the cummerbund attachment webbing is a little wider than the MOLLE spacing and the use of 500D Fabric rather than 1000D like originals used.

Other than that, I have little to complain with this replica and I definitely recommend it if one wanted to get some use out of their CAG kit without ruining expensive, real Paraclete gear.