Pre MSA Paraclete style RAV

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Good replica

The only good replica of the paraclete vest, nice stuff, good colors

awesome pc

fits paraclete rav medium soft armor and 10x12 plates

Aiden E.
Go to for an affordable rav

Recently got mine and from the start I can say I am very impressed. As a contender to the gen equivalent which is sky rocketing in price, this offering is perfect for those (like me) who cant afford to chuck silly money at them. Granted the cordura may be off but the build quality is fantastic and feels just as ruggid as other paraclete products (paraclete sohpc for reference). Colour wise I feel that it is pretty damn close and I'd imagine that after some good use, it will look more like the period originals. I would most definitely reccomend this to anyone on the hunt for a rav in the future.

Better than every other replica!

The Paraclete Removable Armor Vest (RAV) is the staple of early 2000's Delta Force body armor, and as period-accurate 2003-Pattern Pre-MSA examples are becoming more and more scarce and climbing in price, so those wanting to do CAG impressions for reenacting or airsoft have very limited options.

ShekkinGears' reproduction is a faithful replica of the classic 'Smoke Green' 2003 RAV with included foam dummy soft armor to add rigidity without real inserts. This reproduction is not only an excellent color, but its dimensions are also accurate to originals.

Other brands such as Pantac or Flyye either get the construction wrong, or are made of inaccurately-colored material. Here, the only inaccurate material is the use of 500D Cordura instead of the 1000D that originals use.

However, my major criticism is in regards to the zip-on panel system, as I was hoping the zippers would be compatible with real Paraclete Assault Panels, however they are sadly not, with this replica's zips being both reversed in location from originals and incompatible with real 14" YKK Vislon 10V Zippers.

One could possibly fix this issue by consulting a professional tailor, but it would have been nice to use a real Pre-MSA Assault Panel with this vest right out of the box, so I have to deduct a point for that.

Otherwise, this repro has far surpassed my expectations - I'm satisfied with the investment and would recommend this to anyone wanting the look without the hefty price and rarity of originals!