Shekkin Gears Modular Holster Adaptor

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John P
Sturdy and a good price

The other reviews are quite small and can't find much online so I'll actually give a full one for future buyers.

So I got the adapter set alone with the bison belt, so I don't know how the elastic strap is and I used a T-rex arms one(it worked great). I wanted to have another holster system for the Safariland QLS system on the new belt I got from SHEK without paying $130. On my other belt (BFG CHLK) I have a True North Concepts MHA(The original design). So I got this as a comparison. So far I'm happy. It has some noticeable differences they state here on the page with it being constructed by carbon fiber, but I'll explain what the real world benefit/problem:

So it's made out of solid block of Carbon fiber with the appropriate holes in it. It feels nice and sturdy, but obviously much lighter than the True MHA due to the material. Now while it feels sturdy, you 100% NEED an elastic leg strap. With the True MHA the strap is helpful, but the weight makes it not truly necessary. You might not run a elastic strap all the time, because when you have it on long enough it gets annoying rubbing up and down you're leg. With the Shek MHA you NEED the leg strap, because it will pull the MHA up significantly with your draw. Regardless if its a friction fit holster(T-rex Arms Ragnarok used) or locking one such as a Safariland (6354RDS used). Although it's noticeably lighter which feels nice on your hips. It's a decent tradeoff.

(Copy paste from belt review to save time) Had my first range at some personal property and ran it through its paces. Nice gross muddy gravel. Running, jumping, and even drug it in some crawls. About an hour straight of running movement drills. This is where I learned how important the leg strap was. Now it really didn't get much abuse, since the holster protects it. It seems fine. Although I have a nagging feeling the holes in the holster itself wont hold up. The solid block of the carbon fiber doesn't concern me, but the holes for mounting do. Nothing to support that negative feeling yet, but I would keep that in mind. I'll use it till it dies, and if it does I'll see about updating the review.

So far its sturdy and formed perfectly. If you don't have an extra elastic leg strap, GET ONE. It's basically required by how light it is. The hardware looks good, but DONT FORGET TO PUT BLUE LOCKTITE ON THE SCREWS.

Modular Holster Adaptor

All Perfect..

Daniel J.
Great customer service!

Great customer service!