FCPC DOPE front flap

Color: Multicam
Prix réduit$45.99 USD


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I ordered this because when I looked at the price of the original one in my country, it was more than insane. I would never personally buy the original one from the store, because I just think that it's stupid to pay more than 200 € for just a fucking pouch.
This is the second thing I've ordered from the Shekkin Gear and I have to say that this is the second time they have suprised me in a positive way. Their quality is insane for the price they ask and it's just great. If you are thinking if you should get this or not, I'd say this is way better option than the original one just because of the price it comes with.

Almost a perfect match

Performance and style this thing is awesome. I have two of them. However it missed the bar in the spacing between the laser cut holes vertically. Ferros Molle Adapter will not work with this item the holes are a little to short in the spacing between them. Also between my multicam one and my AOR1 version they are inconsistent measurements. Only other thing is on the multicam one I have the camo pattern changes from horizontal to vertical in one of the panels. Might be for copy right reasons but it’s something to mention.

Love them otherwise though. Shekkin hands down makes quality repros.


Matches up with my real ferro black multicam. Great replica.

only here,AOR1

very good product!
good fabrics,good at sewing.

Only here you can buy this at a reasonable price!

Robin S.
Great copy of the original

It’s not going to be as good as the legit Ferro but this is a fantastic copy that is worth every penny. Well made, not original Multicam fabric as I was told but still great value for money.